Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Avon's Skin So Soft - Supreme Nourishment


 Since we have moved into the apartment from a house, we have the access to Avon books and ordering process. So far we have gotten some things from them, depending on what campaign is or what are the deals. I have a list of products that I want to try them, at least want to try one thing from each thing from them. Not to sure about their foundations because think it would be hard to choose your match. My mom pointed out that they had skin so soft in a body wash ( she use to get skin so soft when I was a baby). So we decided to try these out, so far we have enjoyed them so much from the line. 

This is our 2nd bottle we first started with the original formula and just like this one it was just as amazing. Never thought I'd be so in love with a body was, this formula is so creamy it's like lotion but it's a wash. C'mon the price too you can't beat it at all,  Makes my skin super soft but doesn't irritate my eczema, which I have to be careful with sometimes with my body washes. 


$ 10.00 a bottle  but goes on sale a lot around $4.99 or buy one and get one free sorta deal.
Buttery/creamy texture on the thick side
Smells nice but not to strong
350 ML of product
Doesn't dry out my skin like some washes do
Gives my skin a smooth radiance after the shower
Works well on just your hands or puff
5 different skin needs in their line


Cap is a little difficult to open, there is a trick lol 

If you would like to place an order on Canada Avon's Website. Check if anyone in your area does Avon orders. 

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