Wednesday, 8 February 2017

December / January Empties


It's time for another empties post my lovelies! I’ve been using up a ton of stuff over the past couple of months, so decided to combine both months so I'd have a good amount of products for you. Not only is this an empties post, but I will tell you some of my favourites and things I didn't really like. So grab a snack and a drink and  hope you guys enjoy this. 

Hair products :

Biolage Volume shampoo - This was a great shampoo till my hair decided it wasn't going to like the formulation any more. Just didn't do anything to my hair after a while, just was disappointed in this one. Which was a let down because I love their other lines and how light their formulation is, in all I love the shampoo brand if you are looking for a nice shampoo try Matrix- Biolage.

Batiste - Hands down the only dry shampoo that actually works decently on my hair, doesn't add or make it worse. Haven't tried the one that is tinted for dark hair, which I know is on my list to try think it wouldn't give me that white cast. The cast I can deal with because I just rub it in and it goes away but I know for some out there that's a miss.

Pantene Classic Care - Had this in my travel bag when my parents and I went to the States last year in the summer. Decided to just use it and than remembered how much I love the shampoo brand, also love the smell.

Cleansing, Moistuizers  and Masks:

Aloette Gental Foaming - I got this at my Aloette party that I had a while ago, just got through it just right after Christmas. This was a great cleanser liked how it made my skin feel, wasn't too drying at all. On the down side is that you have to order it from them or know where your Aloette branch is located. I find it's not worth the hassle when I can go to Sephora or Drug store and pick up a great cleanser that I just go get.

Olay fresh effects moisturizer SPF 15 - This stuff was amazing for those hot gross summer days, it's very light weight but it worked like a dream on dry patches. Small amount spread evenly over my face with out too much rubbing in soaked in flawlessly. This stuff also makes a great base for makeup too during the day, found everything blended so nicely. The smell too smelt like fresh green grapes and was so nice first thing in the morning, wasn't to strong or sicking after a while.

Nivea Sample if cleansing milk- For a sample this stuff wasn't too bad, it got all my makeup off and conditioned my skin nicely. The only thing is it was a little too heavy for my skin, just didn't work well my skin type it was too thick. I had high hopes for this because I love their body milk, it's a great body moisturizer when you have dry skin.  But I would buy it for traveling though because it was one stop cleansing with out any hassle.

Life Purifying face mask - This mask made my skin feel amazing, gave my skin a nice glow afterwards as well. I used it after a long day, and it took all the grossness out of my pores from that day. I've used other masks out there that I liked better than this one, think it was the smell that got to me and want' to fond of it after 10 min.

Life Nourishing mud mask - This was so hard not to lick off my face, you can really smell the cocoa and shea butter. It left my skin glowing and after my skin was so soft, also applied half the amount of moisturizer I would after my shower. Also this wasn't as drying as some mud mask I've used, it was very nice to let sit on my face accidentally over the 20 min I had it on my face for lol.


Bic Soleil disposable razor
- These disposable razors are great they get a close shave, with out tugging at your skin. I used these till my razor's went on sale at our local drug store, these are part of my mom's stash I needed something quick!!.

Soft Soap Fresh Glow Body Wash - Now this stuff I bought this on a wim and OMG its so lovely on your skin. It smells amazing  hands down smells so yummy, it's very creamy too feels amazing on your skin.

Rightgaurd deorderant - The only deodorant that actually works for me, I've used all the female ones and those are 88% effective so I switched to mens'. I find they work better and stay on longer than a female one, which makes sense because men sweat more than we do apparently. But I find that I sweat like crazy and non of the female deodorant/anti-perspant just doesn't cut it. Also the scent of this stays with you and it blocks the smell of BO pretty good. If your looking for a good sturdy deodorant that keep up with you as the day goes on, than check out this one or any men version of deodorant.

Makeup : 

CoverGirl 24-7 Lash-Blast - If you want a mascara that stays put and flaking and a mascara that doesn't move with out remover, you will love this stuff in your collections. I like it when it's allergy season or when my eyes are watery or bugging me, I know it won't move with me rubbing my eyes or  watering.  Its not fully water-proof but you have that option if you do like those formula's but I found, the original to last as good as a water-proof one.

Tarte BB Cream ( Light) - This was my first high-end face product and I'm so glad  it was, it blends so wonderful and is right amount of coverage. I don't have to many problem areas' on my face so I can get away with a BB cream or a light foundation. When I have those spots that are troublesome I just use concealer or I apply 2 light layers of product. This stuff is so wonderful I would recommend it to teen's and people maybe just starting out.

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