Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Polysporin - Lip Health ~ Overnight renewal therapy


I suffer from bad chapped lips all year around, does't matter what chap stick I use or if I try to keep on top of water. Trying to find a product that actually works is few/far between, I've tried most lip balms on the market. Between my BITE Lip mask and now this amazing stuff in a tub, is the only thing saving my dry pout. Also seeing that I've been using a lot of matte liquid lipsticks, putting a little of this under them makes them less drying.

I've been switching it up every other few days with my BITE Mask, and my lips have never felt this great. When they do crack or split now it doesn't look as bad as they use to, it would look like I got in a fight sometimes with how deep they would crack, sometimes they would swell because they went so deep. This stuff has been a real saviour to my lips it has worked so well, also the packaging is the cutest.

For more info and ingredients go check out the site 


- Is very moisturizing 
- Thick formula stays put on lips but soaks in really well 
- When you wake up your lips are smooth and soft
- Is light enough a thin layer to wear under matte lipsticks 
- Good price point in the drug store/walmarts it's under $15 CAN 

- It's in a tub ( Anyone with nails can relate ) 

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