Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fit bit !! - Charge HR


Recently got a Fitbit it has been something I've wanted for a while now.So when last years models were on sale I decided to treat myself ( doesn't really matter if it's the new model to me ). I chose to get the black version because I know it would go with anything, compared to the other colours they have also it was easier black they always have in stalk.

Charging → I find that I don't have to charge till about Wednesday, to get through to Friday. It does tell you what is your battery level on the Fitbit and on your phone when you pair via blue tooth. Charging takes no more than 2 hrs to charge the whole band, which is nice specially if your going to travel.

Tracks → Keep track on how many steps you put in through out the day, also it keeps track of your sleep patterns. Also keeps track of your heart beat while working out and not, I have it set on auto so it tracks my also resting heart rate. I turn it off when I'm not wearing it, I give my wrist a break on weekends.
↳ Also with this model lets me know who has called me or tried to. Other models it lets your know who has txt you also but not my model, it wasn't a key feature in my mind.

Customizable →  You get a view face choices on how you want to view the date/time. Where you set your goals and such. You have an app phone and app on your PC/Mac that you can just change it to how you want to few. You can also pick and choose alarms or noises to set when a goal is met.

Other things you can track on your phone or pc/mac 

⇢ Steps/Stairs                                                         ⇢ Water intake 
⇢ Miles                                                                  ⇢ Heart Weight 
⇢ Calorie Count and food intake                           ⇢ Goal Weight
⇢ Active minutes                                                    ⇢ Sleep patterns 

Since I got this it's been a game changer, I wanted mainly for work I wanted to know how many steps I did. I've had it now for about 2 months now and I do between 9,600-15,000 steps in a day at work, think I'm doing pretty good. Even though I do have a water app it's good to have one on this too because it logs it a little better. Even with a water app or log I still don't drink water I'm lucky if I get a glass in. I cant' stand water and I will only drink if I have to or there is no other option, which is horrible I know but can't stand the stuff. 


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