Friday, 2 December 2016

Winter skin routine


Living here in Canada it means dealing with snow and dry air, and that can ruin your skin not just on your face but your whole body. So I found products and a routine that has not only saved my skin from the winter but keep it in good condition all year round. I hope you enjoy some products I mention in this post. So grab something to munch on and have a good read, let me know what products you switch out during the winter time. 

Face : 

Cleansing oil - I find in the winter time starting with a cleansing oil doesn't strip to much off my skin when I cleanse it. The less time I have to scrub at my skin and dehydrate more just by using a cleanser is so much better.  I recommend Aloette one or Burts Bee's one, find one that works for you, there are more on the market now for you to choose from. 

Cleanser :  I use Origin's A Perfect World cleanser and that seems to be the best, specially right after using a cleansing oil it's very light feeling. When I'm not using the cleansing oil it's cleansing enough to get all the grime off my face. I love how it foams and bubbles even takes off the stubborn makeup off by itself. Side note works well also with Foreo  cleansing device as well, I dot it all over my face than get the device wet and go over the cleanser that way.

Scrub : I'm very picky on my scrubs they have to be scrubby enough, that I can feel it working but gentle enough that it's not like taking sandpaper to my skin. There are 2 scrubs that I alway switch back and forth too and that's Neutrogena ones and the Garnier ones,  they have good selections in their lines that you cant pick a bad one. 

Moisturizer :  

AM : My am moisturizer is the Garnier clearly brighter SPF  that stuff is amazing, not only does it help with uneven skin tone it got SPF in it. People think you don't need SPF in the winter time but you do all year I think now a days ( YAY global warming ) !! This is so light when I put it one just soaks in with out a residue on my skin. 

PM:  I either use Kiehls Ultra moisturizer or Aveeno active natural night cream, depending on how tight my skin feels after I get out of the shower. I tend to alternate nights with these 2 products, they are both amazing moisturizers. I go out on friday/saturday nights to the bar/pub I tend to use the Kiehls one because it's a little lighter under my makeup, doesn't feel to heavy. But lately I'v been using the Aveeno one because my skin just seems to be needing that little extra.

Body :  Your body just like your face collects dead skin cells, so it's key to use a good exfoliator on your skin. If you self-tan you know this is a key step before adding fake tan on specially those elbows and knees. But I find my skin just needs a good scrub once a week, I use Soap and Glory Flake Away, find it's the best scrubby scrub I've used. I have tried sugar scrubs and such and I go back to this one, does't like how sugar scrubs leave a film on my skin just feels gross to me. 

Also using a good moisturizer is key as well, I use baby lotion when my eczema doesn't flare up on me. When I have my eczema flare ups I use special lotion that helps with soothing of the irritated skin, because it has been so dry so early my skin needs my eczema cream more. Also a great alternative specially if you are looking for a deep moisturizer look at body oil or a body butter. I've used a body butter before and they are great to use before you go to bed, so it has a chance to soak into your skin. I've  not yet used a body oil yet, I have in my mind that they will be a little messy to use, and not as fast on application as a lotion or a butter.

Lips:  They suffer more than you think they do, I suffer from very bad chapped lips in the winter time. No amount of lipbalm or treatments will help these suckers in the dead of winter, I can scrub them and  put on my BITE lip mask than later on they will be cracked bleeding and dry again. Cuz I don't drive and I walk or bike everywhere ( soon to be too cold to bike) my lips are in the elements all the time. So having a good lip balm that will help protect them from weather and such is a great way to keep them in shape, found a big issue for my lips is the wind. Blistex makes 2 great ones for all year and found  Five Star Lip Protection and Ultra Protection are the best for the winter time, also they both have SPF 30 in them as well. Also these are great for travel because they are sun/heat protective too.

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