Thursday, 8 December 2016

Moving blog #9

So it has now been 5 months since we have moved into this apartment, and it slowly now starting to feel like home.We have added more pictures and more personal stuff we have set up on walls, we have added our own little touches. We have ordered some new furniture, and some new pieces into our living room/dinning room. Now that is getting colder outside we have had to invest in some dehumidifiers, we have small ones in our bedrooms. The one that's for the main rooms we have one that looks like something from space, so far it's been helping a lot specially at night. 
Thing doing the winter and after christmas and all that family stuff, we are thinking on painting. We have some paint chips on the walls and we are trying to decided on color, but for the most part we are settled. Think adding some paint will make it complete and totally make it feel like home. 

It's kinda hitting home a little this is our first christmas in our new place, it's kinda bittersweet for me because I've always have had Christmas in a house. I just think ti's a new chapter and Christmas is still going to be the same with family. We have decorated the aparement like we use to do the house, my mom had to get rid of some of the really old Christmas stuff but she is ok with that because it was time to get rid of it all. 

Think my next moving blog will be after the holidays seeing, that we are possibly painting after the busy holidays! 

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