Thursday, 24 November 2016

The look of the night recent !


Thought I would do a post on what I've been doing lately before I go out, for drinks on weekends ( the only time I really go out). I'll give my mom full credit on this one because before I left she told me, that I should do a post because she loved the look so much. 

If you follow me on social media or on here, you have probably noticed that I've dyed my hair ( post coming soon). So with a new red hair decided to try a new makeup look, with some shades don't wear all that much. If you watch Guru's on youtube that you know halo eyes are a thing, but with hooded eyes didn't think I could do it or pull off the look.  I had to do some changes on how I blended, took a little more time because I had to go back and forth on adding product and blending. But I think the final look came out amazing, down below I will be listing the products I used. With that said to make not look harsh of not having 2 black eye looks, in my crease I used Benefits Hoola bronzer it helps a lot with blending. 


Smashbox photo-ready correcting green primer 
Tarte BB Cream 
Cover Girl professional loose powder 


 Annabelle skinny brow pencil in universal medium 
UD Primer Potion 
Benefits' Hoola Bronzer or any shade close and matte 
UD Original Naked pallet ( Creep and Sin) * I used sin on a wet brush to make it pop. 
UD 24/7 Black liner in tight line 
L'oreal carbon black mascara 

Cheeks/contour and Highlight 

Annabelle Biggy Bronzer and Hoola by Benefit
Aloette blush 
Benefit Watts up highlight 


Colourpop in Hutch 


Found with hooded eyes that using a pencil brush to do the inner and outer corners, before blending is so much easier. You have more control on where you putting your product down so, it leaves the middle of your eye open with out blending to much. 

Also found doing one wash of color in the middle of the eye and than blending, makes it more seamless than doing it after. I just build up the color till I got the opacity that I liked than blended lightly the hard edges, did this with a Q-tip because I could get better controls in smaller circles. With Sin the lighter shade I used a little damp, to get the shine and the color to pop against the black/grey. Pressing sin shade onto lid  rather than sweeping, you get a better look and it's doesn't melt into your outer and inner corners.  

My top is from : Garage 

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