Tuesday, 8 November 2016

October Empties


WOW we are done another month it's crazy how  fast months are going by. Again I collected some products for you guys, this time it seems to be all body care stuff than makeup. Haven't gone through much makeup really for some reason, it's not like I'm not using makeup just not hitting pan on anything. So I hope you enjoy my body care products let me know what are some of your favourites. 

Dove Men+Care - I've used another scent of this before, chose this one because it was a change. But sometimes that change isn't good did not like this one compared to the other one. The scent of this isn't as nice or doesn't last as long as the others. Hydration yes it kept my in great in great shape, even when the sun and the pool dried out my skin. 

L'Oreal Fibralogy - This shampoo was good till my hair decided not to like it any more. I love how it made my hair feel thicker and gave me great volume/body. In all this is a great shampoo from the drugstore, specially for us thin hair'd ladies. 

Aloette Spa indulgence scrub -  This didn't like at all, I kept using it because I can't justify throwing  a full product out. It's a sugar scrub and just didn't like how this went and scrubbed at my skin. It's one of those that also has body oil in it and in the shower just felt gross on my skin. I'd rather use Soap & Glory or find another in drugstore because I get this product again. 

Tressemme moisture shampoo - This I got on a whim wanted a new shampoo for my hair, specially during the summer. When swimming in the pool find my hair gets a little dry, so decided to get my hands on a small moisturizing shampoo. I love Tressemme shampoo's they are a great shampoo from the drugstore, I  find they are a shampoo that actually says what its going todo.

The Body Shop waterproof makeup remover- Hands down if you have sensitive eye issues or you wear contacts you need this. This gets everything off with out harsh products that are in some drugstore removers. Also I love how you only need a little to get all the waterproof makeup off, even the stubborn liquid lipsticks and liner

Neutrogena Deep Clean daily face scrub -  My favourite scrubs from the drugstore other than Garnier ones. They are so scrubby but yet very soothing, I tend to use the product more in my T-zone. Also I find in the winter time I find myself using a scrub more on my face, and this one is also hydrating for that time of year. If you're looking for a great scrub by a great drugstore brand, than check out this one. 

Colgate Max Clean toothpaste - Wanted to try a new toothpaste other than my normal Crest brand, wanted to try this. This was a great alternative it kept my teeth white while not making them sensitive. The only thing it didn't seem to keep my mouth minty fresh for long, it would go away shortly after leaving the house or that "clean" feeling. 

LIFE Anti-Aging Peel Face Mask -  This mask is my favourite to buy at Shoppers, find peel mask to be less messy. Also I like the effect I get from them more so than a clay one, find my skin feels better after one of these. This really tightens up my skin when I use it, also helps with the texture I may have on my face. Also love how it is a one packet thing too, gives me a moment to collect some other ones they may have in the mask isle. Shoppers normally has 3 for $5.00 so I use that to pick up some different ones, but this one always finds it's way back into the mix. 

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