Thursday, 3 November 2016

Things I've been loving lately !!


Decided to round up some products that I've caught myself using with every looks, so it made the love list in my books. These are some of the most used products in my collection lately because I can just through them on, to create a look using other products I got in my collection. I hope you like my little collection, what are some of your loves in your collection that you always find you reach for ?!! 

Kiehls' ultra facial moisturizer - This moisturizer in the winter time ( Winter is coming!! ) is the best. Specially our winters here are dry and it just kills my skin, this stuff totally helps my skin. I use it when I get out of the shower and it just gives my skin all the hydration it needs, with out being too much on your skin.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Now this for us pale ladies HOLY gives me the best look, only use a little bit to give me a little contour or some glow. I bought a little one because I wasn't sure how it would look on me personally, but now I wish I got a full size one because it's just a great product. I also use this a shadow too for a warmer crease, because it is a rich warm matte brown shade it's perfect for that.

Annabelle Bronzer - This with combo of the Hoola bronzer is a great look, love the finish look it gives me. Also the Hoola being matte and this having some specks of glitter it's a combo, gives you the right glow.

TARTE BB Cream -  This is my first face product I got my hands on, before this I wouldn't wear anything except just moisturizer for my looks. Than I wanted to try something different and I went into Sephora, and asked them what would they recommend for someone just starting out. This product just evens out my skin more than covers my imperfections, just use concealer to help the all around look of my skin. Very light and hydrating product, would recommend to this to people starting out in the makeup world.

NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage - If you haven't tried these you must, they are a great formula and they wear amazingly. I can get around 3-6 hrs with drinking and eating tend near the end it does become dry,  but I just use a little balm to help it last a little longer also before applying is key. I have 3 of them in my collection but this shade is my favourite it's a reddish/plum color, it's very flattering and great for the fall time.

Urban Decay OZ "Theodora" Pallet -  I love this pallet it's a goodie it's got some warm tones in it, with some split pans of some other shades. You get 4 solid shades neutrals  and 2 split pans one is black/gold-ish color, the other one is a light olive green and a dark olive/army green shade.  It's a great travel pallet because you can do a lot a versatility just with one pallet. The pallet itself is very sturdy and the pans that are in it can pop up, so once you are done with the shades you can use it to make your own.   I use more of the solid shades than the split pans, but they are great for halloween or something different in your look.

Almay multi-benefit mascara - This mascara is so light and airy on your lashes, it actually feels like you're not wearing any mascara at all. I love how this makes my lashes look, get a very full look but no spider legs or clumpy look. Feels like I'm doing more good for my lashes with this product than other mascara's that I've used. If you want more info on this mascara I did a full review here, hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 

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