Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Annabelle Brow Skinny Pencil - Universal Medium


I ran out of my old brow pencil and needed another one, and before I went high-end I wanted to try a drugstore one. So I went to a company brand I love using they are great products and so glad I went with this one, love how this one makes my brows. Normally I go for a universal taupe shade that way if I dye my hair it doesn't look too off with a red shade of hair color. But I decided to switch it up with a universal brown instead and I'm glad I switched to that shade. It suits me a little bit better, specially with close to my natural hair color. I would recommend this medium shade to any one with brown/red tones in their hair it's very warm brown and works great. Its super simple to use and is very natural looking don't notice that I drew on my brows or filled them in. 


- Skinny pencil lets you do those little hairs easy 
 -Spoolie is different more like a little comb, didn't think this was going to work but it does. 
- Color selection is great 6 shades to choose from  
- Water proof and retractable ( great for travel ) matte finish 
- Can be found at drugstores and Walmart 
- Hypoallergenic
- Canada Brand 
- Easy to use very natural looking


- Nothing I love this more than my Aloette pencil 

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