Monday, 3 October 2016

Hask - Charcoal purifying shampoo


If you have read my past post about hair products, you know I can't just use one shampoo. If I do use one shampoo my hair goes so oily and gross till I use a new product, so I have so many shampoo's in my house. Not only does my hair need different shampoo's our new apartment complex has a indoor pool, I wanted something to help my hair out after swimming. I thought I'd check out some drugstore formulas and such for a drugstore shampoo this stuff is amazing ! Never used such a great product, even slightly beats out OGX shampoos.  This product got recommended to me by my friend Shireen , she told me that they were great shampoo's and products and she wasn't' wrong.

First off lets just talk about this color of this shampoo it's an ash black shade but it goes away, when your washing your hair out and no the bubbles aren't grey either. One thing that I love of this product is the smell, if you like citrus smells than you will love this it smells like fresh lemon's. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone that had fine/thin hair, just made my hair feel full and amazing to the touch. Even when you're shampooing it into your hair in the shower, you can feel that it's actually cleaning your hair but not to over powering.


- Smells amazing if you like lemon fresh scents
- Great price of $7.78 CAN at my Walmart, not sure if it's at shoppers drug or how much it is 
- Makes your hair feel clean and manageable, very light on your hair 
- I love how this shampoo makes my hair after, it's got a nice shine to it
- Helps my hair after a night of swimming in a medium-high chlorinated pool
- 355 ML of product
- Not tested on animals
- Color hair safe
- Small amount I used a little bigger than a toonie size to do my whole head.
- Love using specially if I've been using product in my hair, find that it takes 2-3 washes just to get hairspray and mouse out sometimes. With this it just take one wash and some good scrubbing and it takes it all out with out that slime film on your hair from products.
- Sulfate and parabene free


-Wish that Walmart stores had more of their products and lines, they only had some. For Shoppers drug mart haven't gone and checked what they had in stock. 

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