Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fall Lip Shades


Thought I would round up all my lip colors for you and do a post, than I realized that most of my lip shades can be worn in the fall/winter. So I decided to do this post for you, just recently just wearing lipsticks so it's a new thing for me.

Little back story : Never could wear lipsticks or tinted lip balms because my lips were or have been in the past so bad. When I say bad I mean I use to have big cracks and splits in my lips, and it would look like someone took a knife and made a small slice. In the past I would have to get medicated lip balm's from my doctor just to get through the winter time. Even normal lip balm through out the day would help, the splits and cracks from appearing or giving me pain. Than recently since I actually turned 26 my lips have been so good lately * knock on wood*. I scrub them maybe once a week and put on lip balm like a mad women.

So now here we are with my collection of lip products, that I did start with one than ended up with 9 in my collection. I have purchased these all with my own money minus the mini NARS Cruella that was a gift for my birthday from Sephora. I hope you enjoy my little haul if you see my on social media (instagram or snapchat) than you have seen these worn a few times !

In order: 

Aloette : Plumb Iris
Nars : Cruella
NYX Suede liquid lip : Cherry Skies
NYX Soft Matte : Prague
Nars: Dolce Vita
Aloette: Berry Bright
NYX Suede: Vintage
Urban Decay OZ Pallet lip : Theodora
NYX Suede : Tea and Cookies 
* link's are to post's I've done on the products. Aloette ones are on the same post. 
Swatches of all shades above. 

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