Thursday, 20 October 2016

Aveeno Active Naturals - Purifying body wash


My Mom and I just don't stick to one body wash, once we are done one we mix it up and choose another one. There is one company that we love all of their body wash lines, that's Aveeno they make such good body washes. Find that their washes actually approve my skin than, drying it out or just washing the dirt off. Hands down these Aveeno Active Natural body washes are our favourite, they aren't to over powering at all. If you haven't tried these at all than you should get on that wagon, you won't be disappointed.


- Creamy
- Smells amazing light smelling not to over-powering
- Sea Kelp and Oatmeal
- $4.97 CAN
- Great variety to choose from this line and their other lines as well
- 6 varieties and needs  to choose from


- Wish it came in a club bottle
- Little drying but that's my fault I don't drink enough water at all 

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