Sunday, 18 September 2016

Easy Fall Soup


Seeing that it is almost fall, why not start now with some soup! It was so hot outside here in Canada lately than right after Labour Day it's been so chilly and not even getting past 24 degrees' lately. So my mom decided to make her soup that I love eating because it's very light and makes a good lunch and dinner.  My mom use to do Weight Watchers and this was one recipe that she took from them, because it's so easy and a great soup to make when your on a budget. The soup from Weight Watchers is a great veggie soup that you can switch it up to any veggies you like. I've had the original soup the way the recipe shown, than I've tried my moms spin on it and both of them are very yummy !!

Hope you enjoy this little fall soup recipe from me !! 

What you will need : 


Beef broth ( You can make it with any kinda of broth but I would recommend veggie or mushroom ) 
Aylmer diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning ( If you can't find these just use a normal can of diced tomatoes, you can add the seasoning later if needed) 
Tomato paste 
1 pkg of Lipton Onion soup mix 


( Veggies are endless these are what we choose that day) 

Also to make it a little more hardier I add a 1/4 cup of shell pasta to it, kinda a lighter take on a minestrone soup. 

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