Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Updated face products


WOW I've not done one of these for you in a while, thought it was time to share and updated face products. These are the products I love using in my day-day, some of these I just strictly use them at night. I tend to mix high-end and drug store because lets face it, we all don't have the money to do all high-end products every single time. I wish I could because I love some lines out there but Mr. Piggy Bank says a different story. I will be breaking down everything for you guys with a pro' & con, with a little babble on how I feel about it. Let me know below what are some of your favourite face care products are, maybe I'll check them out and you may see one of your favourite in my favourites !!!

I forgot my night face cream right now I'm using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer for all skin types.

Origins ~ A Better World Cleaner - I first started out with Origins Checks and Balance, found that was a little to squeaky clean. So after I was done that little tube I went to Sephora an said " I love this Checks and Balance but I need something in the middle." The kind worker handed me this and told me try it you will love it. HOLY COW do I ever it's everything I'm looking for in a good quality cleanser. I do a good size pea todo my whole face, I even use it with my Luna Mini 2. I get a good clean but not feel tight after, does't seem to dry out my skin. With trying this right off the hop it didn't break me out either which is odd but I'll take it, most new cleansers I get a few break outs till my skin gets use to it. I've had the tube for a while now about 3 months and I've not put a dent in how much you get. 

Garnier ~ Clearly Brighter day cream with SPF 15- This is one company that their products never let me down, love mostly everything they have from cleansers all the way between to creams and wipes. This is fairly a new product from them this spring/summer, and as far as using their other moisturizers this is my favourite. It's creamy and soaks into your skin so well and is very light and doesn't feel gross after a while or tacky feeling. The scent is like fresh green peeled grapes it's very refreshing in the morning, not to over powering scent either specially if your sensitive to smell. 

Kiehls Creamy Avocado eye treatment - First off I got this as a sample and I just finished it, and I will be getting the full size product. This creamy base product is amazing omg it feel so wonderful and hydrating under your eye. I have a gel eye cream and it doesn't even come close to this product and how it works and feels. If you looking for a good thick eye cream to help you under eyes, during the winter months check out this one. I had the sample for about 6 weeks and I just threw it out yesterday, last a long time. I also found by using this and not using and the difference in makeup application of make up with it was easier to blend than with out it or my other type of eye cream. I will be buying this or looking into a tub of it because I never knew I could love an eye cream is much as I do this one. 

Formula 10.06 Skin- brightening peel mask- This was an odd find I was in line at Old Navy when I saw this, I love peel masks and I thought I need this in my life. I love this mask and what it does for my skin, but the one downfall is I wish it was tinted. Ones you put it on your face you just look shiny than it dries like a pale white. I've gotten my hair in this so many times because its like a clear and cant' see it if I've hit my baby hairs. 

~ Twice a week I use a exfoliator as well, it switches between Neutrogena and a Garnier one. 

I'm in a need of a night cream, I'm looking for something anti-aging. I'm almost to 30 and want to start now, before it's too late. Please leave suggestions below on some of your favourite night creams !!

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