Sunday, 7 August 2016

Neutrogena's beach defence in SPF 70


I love Neutrogena products specially their face care and their sun screen, but in this post we are talking about sun screen. I love their dry touch sun screen, when I saw this one in the store I just had to try it out for myself and compare the 2. This specific one reminds me of old sun screen that my mom use to use on me when I was kid just the smell and formula has the same texture of old school Copper-tone. One thing this has that there other ultra sheer line doesn't is a  kid friendly formula. I think if your a mom you will like this, it comes in a kids 60 and a spray version as well. Also the formula is also 80 min water resistant, which would be great for a day at the splash pad or pool. I used it while cleaning up the gardens before we moved, and I didn't get any in my eyes from sweating. 

* Sorry for odd pictures, still trying to figure out where I can take pictures in the new place *

Pro :
  • Last about 80min of being water resistance  
  • Comes in also 30,60 and a kids 60 SPF with the option of a spray too 
  • Lasted a while with out reapplying less times I have to touch it the better!  
  • Smells like tropical island you want n adult drink in hand smell!!  
  • Absorbs very nicely into the skin, didn't have the greasy feeling  
  • Didn't run into eyes when sweating or in the pool  
  • Formula is on a thinner side, so it takes less time to apply it to skin  
  • Yellow bottle makes it easy for everyone in your house hold to find it 
  • When I did re-apply after being in and out of the pool/beach, I didn't find it hard to reapply. I find that some sun blocks can get slimy or gross after you have applied it one or twice. 


  • I've used some thick sun blocks this took some time on how thin it was, but nothing to concerned how the product over all  
  • Cap gets a little goopy  
  • Would recommend a face block than using this one, think the formulation, would break you out leaning on a oily side.  

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