Friday, 12 August 2016

Moving update #8 - Settling in

So now that it has been a month now since we moved in the new apartment, wow cant' believe that already! So far I'm loving it I love enjoying being downtown, everything is so close to me either I can ride my bike or walk to places ( I don't drive a car ). Can't wait to start work because it's only going to be no more than a 5 min walk, which will be nice.

Also in our apartment there are so many things todo, so far I've been to the gym and the pool! The pool isn't like back at the house and being "my pool" but it will do, plus it's indoors so it will be nice when it's winter time. There is so much todo they hand out monthly calendars ( see picture below) on what is going on. Sometimes I feel like I'm in an old age home but at least I'm not going to board. 

This is the month of August what is going on in my building.
I'm looking forward when the fire fighters come for obvious reasons lol :P

So far we have changed somethings already we bought a new fridge and stove, because the originals that were here sucked and they said we could buy our own. Think by October we will be settled completely I'm hoping it doesn't take that long, but we are slowly getting threw boxes. Not doing too bad though I still have to tackle my closet still, but I also need to put my organizer in it still as well. Put up my shelves that I still need to put up and small things like that, just to make it even more homey! But for the most part my room is how I want it to stay, think around or after christmas we are thinking about painting. The white walls aren't bothering me but they are just so boring specially from going to painted room to nothing on the walls.Thinking on putting those wall stickers, on my closet doors to give some life to plane sliding doors. I have to find some that I like though, haven't come across any yet. 

Check out more pictures from what is around me go check out last moving post { Here }

Thanks for following this big journey with me !! Have a great weekend

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