Monday, 11 July 2016

Update on Moving #5

Well if you are lost or just tuning in now,  we as a family are downsizing and moving from a house to an apartment. If you want to go back and read the journey click here, or here and here  than you will be caught up to this one!!

We have been slowly moving stuff the movers won't take since the 2nd and it has been non-stop since, been a lot of packing boxes into cars and getting the apartment. Thank god for all the big stuff and the difficult stuff we got some movers doing all of it. The movers are coming bright and early of 8 but before that my mom and I have to get up and move the cats. We are taking each cat separately and they are camping out with me in the bathroom, at the apartment so the movers can do their job. We have been told that it will be close to 6hrs so I'm hoping I can find something to help the time go by while trying to settle the cats. The thing that's going to kill me is we don't have internet or anything till the next day the 12th, they couldn't come hook up everything the day of the movers. Which is good in hindsight because that's tones of people in a little apartment that it would just be crazy.

So wish me luck I'm hoping to have a post up for you guys, I'm shooting for mid week I'll keep you guys posted thanks for riding this hard time with me !

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