Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Moving update #7

Now that's it's been 2 weeks since we moved, we have a good amount un-packed and settled. Don't get me wrong we are from far being done packing but it's a good start for what we have done. So far I love where we are and we are very happy with the building we moved into. There are so many things we can do around town and in the apartment building itself, I've been to the apartment gym pretty much every other day! Instead of being 25 min away from downtown it only takes me 8 min give or take 10 if I have to wait for lights. 

Recently I just enjoyed the beach with friends which I'd always put on the back burner. Because it would take me so long to get down there and than find them and than walk all the way back home. So it was nice just to be across the street with riding my bike it took me 15min, to meet up with friends at the beach. Back to the apartment living I almost have my room the way I want it, just have 2 more boxes for my main room. Than I have to tackle my closet but I'm not to worried about that one, I've been slowly doing a couple of hours a day. One tip that I found that helped huge for me packing and un-packing, I did one or two boxes a day. I started with the essentials and the stuff I needed packed or unpacked first, carried out from there. Also I shared that with my mom and it helped with the anxiety of packing or un-packing. 

So below I'm showing you my past week !! Let me know any suggestions you guys have on room decorating !! 

This was taken from our beach looking at our downtown core ! 

My room is slowly coming along, still have a lot to do. The layout is what I want, just need to figure out paint
and small details.  { This is from my door when you walk in } 

{ This is from the other corner where my dresser is } OH yeah those 3 doors are closet !!! 


Downtown also !

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