Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Moving Update #6

So today was moving day and let me tell you, I don't ever want to move again ever… it’s horrible. I was on cat duty with my mom we got the cats one by one and brought them over to the apartment, which the car ride was interesting. Our cat’s haven’t been in their crate since they were kittens coming home from the vets, they weren’t to happy with us at all. Than from 7am - 3:40 pm we were hanging out in the bathroom till the movers were done. Now we have boxes everywhere and 2 freaked out kitties that don’t know whats going on. 

BOXES EVERYWHERE !! I’m also not joking there is everything ever where and it’s crazy and trying to remember what you packed things in and what box is horrible, like I’m still missing some stuff of mine that I don’t know where it got to or what box I stuck it in. 

For the most part even with the little time I had day/night 1 I have most of my room finished or have a just on where I want stuff and how I want my layout to be!  Most all I have to do is some totes left and figure out if I want my bookcase where they put it, also have to tackle my closet. My closest will take a while because I have never had a closet so big before. With this whole process I’ll will also show you the whole apartment tour when everything is settle and we have things put away. Further down the road we are going to be painting but not just yet, even though we should have painted before we moved in because that would be so much easier but nope no one decided to listen till moving day. 

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