Monday, 4 July 2016

June Empties

Ladies !! 

WOW End of June already where does the time go ? End of the month comes empties, this time I got a fare amount for you guys. So sit back and grab some popcorn or a snack and lets get started !!

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunblock in SPF 50 -  I hate the feel of sunscreen period, doesn't matter what brand it is. I personally can't stand the feeling of it being on my skin, than I gave this one a shot. With the sunscreen I am willing to put it on my skin also the Neutrogina dry touch as well. But this stuff is also hydrating it didn't dry out my skin it sank in like lotion and lasted a long time before reapplying. If your looking for a great sunblock than check out this on !  

Aveeno Body Wash - So moisturizing for starters I love this body wash all year around. It keeps my skin looking healthy and supple to touch. If you are looking for a settle scent you will like the fig and lavender scent. I hate lavender scents but I don't mind this one it's very soothing, not to over baring. It lathers up very nicely and works well with a puff. 

Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo -  I was very disappointed in this product, we personally don't have this in Canada. I got a can of it when we took a trip to the states, I heard so many good reviews on this. It was more a great texture spray than it was a dry shampoo, didn't seem to soak up the oil or nothing. It was great if you were doing an up-do and you needed some grip, than this stuff is perfect it made my curls hold so nicely. 

Dove 2&1 Shampoo  (old packaging ) - This was downstairs in our other bathroom, and just finally finished you can't even get that packaging any more lol. Hands down best 2&1 I've used, I personally don't like 2&1 but this stuff. OMG great shampoo it moisturizing enough but not to overboard for thin hair. I tend to use this if I was in the pool or out in the sun and I wanted a quick shower, with out fusing over the whole routine. 

EOS shaving cream - This is my personal favourite shaving cream, it's very nourishing to the skin. It really helps with razor bumps and keeps your legs feeling so soft. I like the texture of this stuff it's like a lotion than a gel, it stays on your legs a little longer than a gel find it tends to slip or wash off to quickly. 

Body Shop Camomile eye makeup remover - If your eyes are sensitive or get dried out like mine, then you need this in your life. I love how soothing it was found it was very nice in your eye area. There wasn't pulling or tugging when trying to take off my eye makeup, the only thing if your wearing waterproof stuff it's a little stubborn. If you do wear a lot of waterproof stuff they have a waterproof makeup remover in the same camomile line. 

Dove body spray -  This stuff is great if your looking for refreshment, it's not long lasting though. I love using it after a work out from the gym, just gave me something till I could go home an shower. Also it's great if your busing running around but you don't want to wear perfume or a strong scent, very settle.

Origin's Checks and Balance face cleanser - If your looking for a deep clean cleanser than you need to try this one. This works so well on my skin but it was just a little to deep cleaning, it would be great for oily skin hands down. I found I was too combination/normal for this, found it was too much for my skin. Love how it made my skin feel and look specially on period times, kept those monthly break outs at a stop. 

Flake Away body scrub - Favourite scrub works so well it gets all the dead skin off. Great scrub if you fake tan or gradual tan, takes it all off well my gradual tanner ( copper tone ). Also this is great bang for your buck that tube in the picture I've had for 3 years and I just finished it. I have a back up that's how much I love it !! 

2 BIC shavers - love these the only thing I wish they were 5 blade instead of 3. I totally cut myself all the time with these compared to my venus shaver. I used 2 of them because I was to lazy to search in my container for replacement head for my venus shaver lol. 

Life Brand Cucumber/melon mask- I love these brand of masks just not this one. I personally like peel off masks more, it's less messy to put on and wipe off. I loved how this one made my skin look but I wasn't set on the heavy melon smell it was too much after about 5 min. 

Yes to Cucumber face cleansing wipes- These are great I have them in my purse to take off my makeup when I need too. I have them in my purse because sometimes I don't make it home, parting with the gals or what it maybe !! They take off makeup very well and very gentle I also like the SIMPLE ones as well. They both aren't heavy on the alcohol or drying products so they don't irritate my skin. 

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