Friday, 15 July 2016

Brand spotlight !! - NYX


So the brand we are looking into is NYX which has recently came to Canada. Which I was so happy to know that not only we were getting a store in Toronto but they would be in our Shoppers Drug Marts, which I have a few of those around me where I live. I’ve not gone to a big store of NYX yet but it’s on my list of things todo. Shoppers has a small section dedicated to them, but when I go because it’s so new and everyone is getting their hands on everything. I hate hit and misses on color selection or products, I find that ours doesn’t have a good section of their face products really. It’s mostly their shadows and their lip products but recently saw some of their brow products making there way into our stores. So I think we will be seeing a bigger section of them well I’m hoping and fingers crossed! I will bold the font of the shades so you can easily find what shades match with the picture ! 

So let get into our little brand feature, let me know what you have tried and let me know what is worth trying from them! 

Liquid Suede - These are right now my favourite for longevity, they last a long time on my lips I've worn them for about 5 hrs. By than they are slowly wearing down in the middle and where my lips touch together but nothing crazy. I find trying to get these off is difficult I have to use makeup remover to get them off with out making a huge mess all over my face. These are drying to a degree I find them drying after wearing them for about 3 hrs, but that's understandable. The 2 shades are Cherry Skies and Tea and Cookies - If your looking more for in-depth look on these click here 

Xtreame lip cream - I like these but i don't like these it's a love hate relation. They just don't sit on my lips well for my liking but the formula is great. It's one of those I wish I loved them more than I do, I love the shades that I got just can't get myself to wear them more than my others in my collection. Also I don't like fussing over my makeup and these I would, have to take with me to re-apply and that's not my thing really. The shades here are Absolute Red and Buttery Nude 

Soft Matte - If your looking for something in between the Xtreame and the Suede's, these are perfect for you. I had the lady at the drug store recommended these to me and I'm so glad she did because I love them. I only have the shade Prague right now but I will be getting more of these. They are still a matte but they are more comfortable on the lips. They don't wear as long as the suedes do but I can get about 3 hrs of wear before they start fading on me. I know when this does fade on me I do have a pretty stain on my lips, so lean towards the darker shades if you don't like fussing with your makeup like me through out the night or day.  

*Lip liner ( nude/pink  pencil ) - This is my favourite formula they are so buttery and they don't tug at my lips. They have a great tip on them so it's easy to line my lips, also they make a good barrier to follow. I'm hoping to add more to my collection but I needed a nude/pink liner. In the shade Bed- Rose 

* Also these 2 liners are my first time using liner so bare with product thoughts, still need to find ones I like rather that be high end or drug store. 

*Lip liner retractable - Unlike the original pencil type this isn't my favourite the formula is on the dryer side and not so much a nice tip on this one and it pulls a little when applying. Also you get less product so if you're looking for more I'd stick to the pencil type, this one would be good if you wanted to travel with it or take it along with you. Shade Red 

Eye shadow in Bedroom Eyes -  Now this shadow caught my eye from the begging, even though this shade makes up all of my shadows I own I just needed another :P. You can't have too many taupe/browns in your collection, but this is something different. I love how buttery this is so smooth and has a tad of a metallic finish to them.  Click here to find more about this shadow I did pro's and con's about this shade here.

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