Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thick & Full - Biotin & collagen by Ogx


Decided to try a new drug store shampoo, this brand has been on my list to try. So I was at the Drug store and saw that OGX hair products were on sale, and thought it would be a great way to try it. It took some time to read the whole line and which one I thought was good with my hair, but I think I made the correct choice. I was going in blind with this products line, never heard anything about them or how their products are even with my friends. So far I'm loving this so far I like how this is making my hair feel. 


~ I’ve noticed when I use it I see a difference on how full my hair is, specially in a pony  I have the illusion  of thicker fuller hair.
~ If you have fine hair than get your hands on this, light formula doesn’t weigh down your hair at all. 
~ My hair looks healthy with a good shine to it, feels healthy doesn’t leave a residue.  
~ I find this brand goes on sale a lot in my stores so keep an eye out roughly about $6-10 CAN
~ Nice looking bottle and doesn’t feel like cheap plastic either, you get a good amount of product. 
~ You have a wide range of different types and needs in the OGX line, there is something for everyone and hair type. 
~ Smells decent 


~ I have none for this one, for a drug store shampoo it’s a good one 

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