Saturday, 2 July 2016

Face Base routine what I've been throwing on my face.

Primer : I have 2 in my collection the smashbox one and a Laura Mercia. This smashbox one is tinted green to color correct the redness that I have in my skin. I've been using this more because I always get sun on my nose and cheeks. I do love the smashbox one more than the LM one, just find my make up blends nicer with the smashbox one than other. The LM radiant  one is great for my skin in our winter time, just gives me more life in my face when I wear it.

Foundation/ BB Cream : I tend to wear more BB  creams than foundation, don't really need the  full coverage.  The TARTE one is my all time favourite one, the coverage is light-medium hides what I need it to hide. Another one that I love is Bosica's that one is a good as well, one tip with that one is application with a sponge is better. I get a better result with a sponge with the Bosica BB cream that is also a light to medium coverage.

Concealer: I have different rages of coverage in my collection, my favourite one in the summer months. Is the Gariner dark-circle roller, the cooling ball helps sooth your under eye. The coverage of this light-medium but it covers the blue veins under my eyes and that's all really ask for !!! If your looking for something with more coverage try using Naked by Urban Decay that's another favourite of mine. Another good drug store one is 2&1 from Rimmel, also the applicator of that is great for cutting around your lips too.

Setting Powder : I  only need this in my Tzone find that gets oily faster than other parts of my face. I like loose powder compared to compacts because I can bake, when I need to have a long lasting flawless face. Love the Cover Girl one because it's inexpensive and easy to find in your drug store. I have also Ben Nye Banana powder too for those days I need more longevity in my make great for parties and weddings.

Blush - Is a whole new world to me I only have 1 shade from Aloette ( Rose Petal ). I love this shade though on my pale skin it's very settle but gives me some color in my cheeks. I want to try some other out there please let me know what blushes are your favourite high end and drug store !

Bronzer: Like the blush this is another game changer for me, never used to do it at all not even contour. But now that I tried it I can't not think my look with out doing these steps. Annabelle makes a great bronzer for pale ladies like me, but recently picked up Benefits Hoola. Love that one in combo with my Annabelle one, just gives me a great glow!

Next post: Will be June favourites but it will have to wait a little, go to moving post #4 for more detail. 

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