Monday, 27 June 2016

Update # 4 Moving

Well we are getting down to the wire, we have 19 days in our home before we leave. We start a new chapter in our lives we are moving to an apartment ( flat) we are looking forward, but I'm sad. I've been living in this house for 23 years, it's where I grew up but I guess change is good. I don't do change very well I suffer from Anxiety and I'm been suffering more so with the move. But I'm also excited to move I'll be closer to our downtown core.

But with moving comes with packing and let me tell you this, OMG don't over want to move again. My house is filled with totes and boxes and I'm so sick of living out of boxes, I'm starting to pack my room slowly. I can't really start my room because half the stuff I still use and I don't know what to do with such things that I need all the time. I could start on my book case I guess but even that only got a few things on it, just don't know where to start which is frustrating. When it get closer to moving time I will be posting on here and my social media the journey.

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