Monday, 20 June 2016

Top 5 beauty tips


I decided to do something different for you guys, I came up with 5 tips and tricks that I use in my everyday  beauty routine. I have tested all of these myself and they have worked 100% for me, so I decided to share some knowledge with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy these please share your tricks and hacks below! 

1. Wash your face after you wash your hair when you are in the shower! You do this because why would you wash your face before you're dirty hair. Also doing this in this order also has helped my skin, think it's because the dirt isn't sitting on my face after I wash my hair. Try this little step !!

2. If you have stains or yellowing on your nails or toes! I found this out recently and I love it I tend to use black nail polish on my toes and it leaves a little yellow markings behind. Your going to laugh but use your tooth paste, I do an amount on my toes and take a scrub brush to them. The difference it makes in my toes is awesome. ( science time it's the baking soda in the tooth paste that helps )

3.  Want your lipstick to set and you want to get a little more wear from it. If you use 3 play tissues in your house, you want to take it a part so you have 1 layer in your hand. After you place on your lipstick, place over your tissue and take some translucent powder and dust it over your lips. The powder will go through the tissue and go on your lips, the powder will lock in the staying powder of your lipstick.

4. Want an extra smooth legs for the summer time or special occasion, use conditioner for your shaving cream. I find I get a closer shave this way and it softens the hair so I don't get to much razor bumps this way either. Found also my moisture in my legs last longer specially if I love it all in with a moisturizer after the shower.

5. If you soften your eyebrow hair with some warm water on a cotton ball, it will help with plucking. Also if you get red like I do after plucking or waxing, using some hydrocortisone cream will help with the redness. 

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