Sunday, 26 June 2016

New York Butter Shrimp dinner


If you follow me on Instagram and snapchat you saw this already, but I had some request to do a mini recipe on it for you guys. I'll give you a back story first I normally don't eat what my parents are having, so I most of the time cook for myself. So finding one person meals is very hard I find sometimes specially if I'm not to keen on left overs either ( I'm picky there are certain foods I won't eat the next day) Most of the time my parents eat things I don't like or I don't want for the 100'th time in my life, so I got custom to making my own meals. My dad is a very meat and potato kinda guy and my mom isn't very open with her food choices (if we go out and she liked what she had last time 9/10 she will eat the same thing). But with this recipe it's fast a quick and simple really hard thing was waiting for the BBQ to warm up! So stay tuned down below will be everything I did with what I used, if you don't like any seafood I've also had it with chicken chunks.

What you will need: 

Frozen shrimp about 5-8 for one or by person if your cooking for a family
1 Zucchini ( I had half of one my mom used other half for a salad) 
1 packet of Uncle ben's rice fast and fancy of your choice I used fine herb and wild.
Franks Red Hot liquid powder form ( add is much or little as you want) 
1 tsp Butter 
1 glove garlic 

Spices you will need for
Zucchini :

Olive oil ( Enough that Zucchini has a shine) 
Mrs Dash - Garlic and herb 


Any seafood seasoning will do or old bay 

- After you have defrosted shrimp pat dry on a paper towel, add your seafood seasoning lightly to both sides than set aside for now. 
Mean while in a small/medium frying pan I used a teaspoon to get how much butter then place on low heat. When melted add your hot sauce till combined, than add your shrimp. I cooked for about 5-8 min or until curled in and pink on the outside, with the hot sauce checking their pinkness is a little hard ( I used a knife and cut into one to see if it was white through). Than once one side was cooked, 
I turned off the heat and started the rice, I just followed the package direction ( it says to let it sit after it comes to a boil) 
That's when I turned back the heat on low and finished cooking the shrimp. Than I went outside and cooked my zucchini ( I had some help from my mom she turned off the shrimp when I yelled through the window lol ) 

The Zucchini is simple I took a basting brush and some olive oil, and brush both sides, than add your spices. Once BBQ is at temp I put them on I like them a little crunchy still, so I do about 7-9 min a side or until grill marks on both sides. 

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