Friday, 24 June 2016

Dove - Man Care body wash


How I came about this product was my dad's dove bar soap, I needed bar soap to clean the bottom of my feet ( they are black from walking outside in my yard). I fell in love how this made my skin feel and how it smelt, so fresh feeling. Also I've been sick of using floral and fruity scents, that us ladies are use to using with there was more or different scents for us! The smell of this is very fresh smelling not to over baring,  also it the scent lasts on your skin for a good long time.


Smells amazing not to manly  
Makes my skin feel moisturized but not dried out 
Comes in many scents and formulas 
You get a good amount of product 400ml
Good price $4.75-6 CAN ( Can be found on sale and you can get discount coupons sometimes)
Gel/cream texture but foams very well!! 


It's a dual face and body wash ( convince for men) 
Not Parabin free

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