Friday, 13 May 2016

Top 5 Summer must haves !!


I'm giving you something special today my Top 5 summer must have's ! I hope you enjoy  some of these products, they are staples in the summer. I hope you enjoy, please share some of your summer must have's !! 

1. SPF ~ Rather it's in your makeup products or you put sunblock on your face and body. You need to protect your skin from the sun, it can do damage if you're not careful. I tend to use moisturizers that have SPF already in them or BB cream/foundations that also have SPF in them. ( Warning SPF can give your flash back if you're getting professional pictures taken) I normally go for an SPF of 15-20 on my face and 50+ on my body during the summer. Always make sure you re-apply your sunblock after you have been doing water activities, even sweating can break down the effects. If you do work outside a lot I would recommend an sport sunscreen. Don't forget if you have kids in your family to protect them too there are some great brands out there. Also if you are like me I can't stand the feeling of sunblock of any kind, but I've found a few that I can stand. Hawaiian Tropic and Neutrogena are the 2 that I really like using. 

 2.  Protective Lip Balm ~  If your lip balm has SPF in it, it's just an added greatness! But any lip balm will help protect your lips, I burnt my lips one year trust me it sucks big time. Your lips just doesn't get damage from the sun but also the wind and other elements. You can find some great lip balms out their at your local drug stores, but my favourite are the EOS ( No I've not had any issues with them ever) or Blistex brand  ( I had no blistex to show you in the picture ) 

3. Good Shampoo and hair mask/conditioner ~ No I'm not talking about drug store shampoo either, more on the sides of a salon brand. Find out with being in and out of pools and the pollution that comes with warmer weather, drug store shampoos don't cut it for me. Also if you color your hair you want to protect your hair as best you can. I personally don't color my hair in the summer, because I think it's a waste seeing that I do a lot of out door stuff.  But if you do color treat your hair there are some great protective spray's and leave-ins out there to help with sun protection ( It's a 10 helps with environmental protection. ) Also invest in a good hair mask or conditioner, chlorine in pools dry out everything your hair suffers more from this. Keep it hydrated with some moisture locking products.  ( I had no hair masks at the time but I do use  the OGX weightless oil tonic and Garnier whole blends Avocado and shea butter) 

4. Body lotion / Body Scrub ~  If you do a lot of swimming or beach time, you know your skin can look like an crocodile sometimes. But that doesn't apply to me I have dry skin all year around I have eczema too which doesn't help at all. In the winter time I lean towards thicker creams and my eczema cream that I have, but in the summer months I personally just use a light body lotion. My favourite are baby lotion and scented stuff from Bath and Body Works with conjunction of my eczema cream. Also if you want smooth legs and great looking skin, you should look into a good body scrub. Exfoliating helps you get rid of dead cells, and regenerate new ones also it will help with all around skin health. Exfoliating also will help you body lotion soak into your skin better and faster, with all the dead skin cell out of the way. If you sometime forget to lotion up after the shower or before bed, check out the new invention ( swear was made for that lazy women lol ) in shower lotion. 

5.  Protect your eye balls ~ Good pair of sunglasses will safe your eyes from the rays from the sun. Also it will help later in life with crows feet, it puts less stress on those muscles around your eyes if your wearing glasses. Even if it's a pair of sunglasses from Walmart or drug store, they will help it's better than nothing. If you are looking for a good pair though would recommend Ray-ban's or Maui- Jims'. Look at tables or stickers on the glasses look for UVA and UVB proaction or polarized. 

Water, water, water.... always keep hydrated in the summer time more so you would. 

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