Monday, 2 May 2016

TLOTD ! and my lazy makeup routine


I decided to do a look of the day for you guys today, I was going out for a bite to eat and coffee. I didn't want full face, but I wanted something a little but not to over the top. I don't have foundation or any BB cream on at all not even powder, bare face. I hope you enjoy this look that I did that was very easy and simple to do. I also do this look when I want to be put together but is really lazy to do my full makeup. I'm not one to curl my hair but I wanted to do something different, either I don't do nothing to it or its pin-straight.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, leave comments below if you want to see more of these style of posts.

Products I used: 

L'oreal brow plumper - light medium
L'oreal original mascara voluminous -  Blackest Black
Eye shadows :
Dark horse from the Naked Pallet ( original )
Desert Heat pan from Aloette
Nars matte lip - Cruella


1" remington want curler 
Garnier texture beach spray 
Herbal Essence tussle me softly mousse 
Herbal Essence Set me up extra hold non-airsol hairspray 

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