Thursday, 26 May 2016

Moving update 3

If you keep up on my blog you know I'm moving, I'm going from a house to an apartment with my family. So this is an update post for those to know we have about 32 days left in our home. We are slowly doing as much as we can before the big move! We get our keys on the 2n'd because the 1s't of July is Canada day so we have to do the next day. But for now we are having a garage sale this Saturday to see what we can get rid of. We still have to get rid of most stuff like lawn care stuff and just odds and ends. There are some couches and such we are also getting rid of and big stuff because we bought all new. So far I'm living in a house that is half packed, full of boxes and totes looks like a video game world.

Pet check our cats a slowly freaking out because they know something is going on, but we have tried to keep them calm. We brought out their cat carrier that we are moving them in hopefully they get use to that, they have been checking it out for the past 4 weeks. We got some product that is cat calming that we are going to try in the car when we move them. So fingers crossed everything goes smoothly when driving them to the new place, one good thing is we don't have to go far.

So once we get into the new place on the 2nd or that week before the movers come, I will do  some pictures or a tour on snapchat. Stay tuned if any of you have suggestions comment below, I'll take as many as I can. I've never moved before so this is my first home I'm moving out it's my childhood home for the past 23 years.

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