Monday, 18 April 2016

Updated Tv and book Top 10


With the summer coming I tend to move away from the Tv to picking up books. For some reason I read more in the summer than I would any other time of the year, I find I sit better when I can read outside and not stuck in the house. Find there are too many things to side track me in the house, also I sit longer outside in the fresh air. Ever since I was kid never really enjoyed reading in the winter time find that my patients to actually read is horrible. ( I know I'm an odd one, don't need to tell me ) But some of my TV show are still on. So I'm giving you a Top 5 of the Tv show's that I like,  and a  Top 5 of books that I love. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as me, the books I read tend to be a series or a saga of books. But I also decided to put some individuals for those that just like picking up a book and read.

TV Shows : 

Orphan Black
Rachael Ray Show ( talk/ cooking show)

Books :

* Any Kelley Armstrong book personally they are all good, but here are some Titles ( Bitten, Dimestore Magic, 13 and Omens ect)
Rot and Ruin series ( Zombie based sorta like Walking Dead) by: Jonathan Maberry
Bag of Bones  by: Stephen King
Classic book of Lion and Witch and Wardrobe or the Narnia series by: C. S. Lewis
I am Morgan Le Fay by: Nancy Springer 

* Kelley Armstrong books are a series but they really don't follow in order. Some books have a 1-3 books with the same characters but never the same plot. So you can pick up any of her books, I just tend to see where her characters lead, she puts in her books what books follow what one of her series.

Sorry that I don't have pictures of these books for you guys, I'm in the mitts of moving and all my books are in storage.

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