Thursday, 21 April 2016

Update : A new start selling our home


If you saw my last post about the big change that me and my family, are going through you are on the same page. If your just joining us here on my blog I'll catch you up to speed, well recently my family and I we are selling my childhood home and down sizing to an apartment. This is hard for me because it's the only home I've lived in since I was 5 now that I'm turning 26, ( this saturday is my birthday) find it very difficult to cope with.  But there have been somethings that have made it simpler and we are slowly moving things into boxes and making sure we have everything done for that day. We don't get the keys to our new home till the 1st of July so we still have sometime to pack and get things settled and finished. We are slowly going to move stuff over to our new home, we have some great friends that are helping us so that will be easy part. We have our home till the 15 of July so we have a good window to make sure we have everything finished. We are still trying to figure out a plan for our kitty cats so they are not freaked out by all this.

If you already or are moving into an apartment, I will take all the organizing help we can get ! My mom and I are going crazy on pintrest for some ideas, but that can be overwhelming at a good time. Also if anyone has any ideas for tricks on how to move animals from an old place to a new would be great as well !

I'm going to say sorry in advance, there will not be too many posts in the next few weeks. It's just been so crazy, but I will keep you guys posted with updates on Twitter and Snapchat. I will be doing post soon because got my birthday coming and some empties. If your interested I'm going to take you through the process of moving and tips and trick and maybe a new house tour. Please comment below letting me know !

What has happened so far: 

Leased an new apartment and all 3 of us fell in love with it.
Got an offer on the house.. Just waiting for the inspection and all the papers to be finalized.
Pulled everything from storage, moved everything back into the house saved us about $700 a month for extra storage.

Things that need to be done :


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