Monday, 4 April 2016

March Empties


Sorry I'm late with this post, but better late than never. These are some of the empties that I finished all through the month of March, didn't have any makeup empties. If you have been keeping up, I'm trying to use up the products I already have in my collection before buying more makeup. Well I hope you enjoy these 9 products that I used over the month of March. 

Caress Body Wash in Passionate Spell -  This is a treat product for me we don't have this company in Canada. I bought it in the summer when we took a family trip to the USA, it was on my list of products I wanted to try. I'm glad I did love this company they smell amazing and leaves my skin very soft. The scents last a while after getting out of the shower, but not to strong  that it makes me feel sick or disgusted with the scent after a while. When I go back to the states I will be for sure stalking up on this body wash. 

Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash - I have eczema specially in the winter time when it's bad, I use this in combination with what other body wash I have in my shower.  It's the only body wash that helps my bad dry skin issues. Also it's a great one to use in the winter time, I live in Canada so our winters are very dry and cold this helps a lot. Also when I get tattooed it's the body wash I use because it's gentle and fragrance free and dye free. 

The Body shop Seaweed  night treatment  - This is my favourite night skin care product, this is a keeper in my books. It's not sticky or tacky doesn't rub off on your pillow and it absorbs perfectly into your skin. It tends to the spots where you need moisturizer and evens out the places where you need some help.  I love how this makes my skin feel soft and well balanced, also helps my pimples that randomly pop up. 

Polysporin Eczema body cream -  OMG if I didn't have this in my body care I would be an alligator or a cute lizard.  This is a cheaper alternative to my prescribed cream, that I would have to go see my doctor for. It's thick and creamy and takes the itch out of my dry skin, I use the size of a big pea where my bad areas are. It spreads out pretty good that the little amount goes a long way, that I do the serenading area of the dry skin. When you have eczema and that section is itchy it feels like that whole spot is itchy. Also it's got a seal of acceptance from the  Eczema society of Canada. Which the have a list of products they did testing on to insure of quaintly on relieving eczema issues. 

Nivea Dry skin face moisturizer - This is my winter moisturizer only, its a little to heavy to use all year around I find. It's my favourite for the winter time because it's  thick, enough to help my face which does not like our dry winters here in Canada ( You think my skin would be use to the weather seeing that I've been in Canada all my life lol ) It's not oily at all that it bugs my pores, or that I get acne from clogging my pores. 

Batiste dry shampoo - This is the one that is in my purse, it is something that i can't live without when I don't come home. I have oily hair all the time, sometimes I need to use this even though I washed my hair the night before. It's the only one really that works very well, I've tried many dry shampoo's and this one still is 10/10 for me. 

Kiehls Ultra Facial Deep Moisturizing balm ( Sample ) - Not sure if I liked this or not, do not like the thickness of this. It just sat on my face didn't absorb  felt so greasy, not my kinda moisturizer it would be good all you super dry skin people out there. Think I will look into their Ultra face cream, got a sample of that as well and loving that way more. 

Whole blend coconut water vanilla milk  ( Sample ) - So far just used the shampoo of this I got in combo with the conditioner and hair mask. I love this line so much I have a bottle of the Apple/ Green Tea and absoutly love it. So when I used this coconut water/vanilla water one fell in love with this one too. It is a very light formula which is surprising because it's a hydrating shampoo, find most hydrating shapes' are too heavy for my fine hair type. Soon I'll probably try the conditioner and hair mask, but I have to watch how heavy they are they will make my hair oily mess.  

Life Brand cucumber and witch hazel peel face mask -  I like peel mask way better than I like sheet masks, why you say... haha well I have small face and features sheet masks are way to large and messy. Peel masks are also fun to peel off your face when they have set up, tend todo about the full 15 min of letting it set or longer depending on how it is drying on my face. I love the LIFE Brand ( From Shoppers Drug here in Canada ) they have the right amount of product in the pouch. Find this masks give my skin a nice glow, there are so many good benefits of witch hazel. Also if your puffy under the eyes, the cucumber too in this will help your skin. 

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