Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Kiehls' Ultra Facial Moisturizer


Recently I celebrated a birthday and thought this was time to check out new products. So I decided to try Kiehls, in Canada they have been in my local mall for maybe 3 years so they are fairly new to Canada. Before trying out their products, I went in to ask for some samples to see if I would really like their products before purchasing full size bottles.Also thought starting off with a moisturizer would be a good start,also to see how light or heavy their creams range. They have a great range for every skin type or target areas of issues. For example this moisturizer also comes in a cream, which is in a tub and it's a little thicker kinda formulation of a butter than a lotion. 

So I picked up a bottle of the Ultra Facial Moisturizer specifically for night time use. I find night time moisturizers and serums to heavy for my skin type. I tried tones of night creams and the next day I would broken out for it settling in my pores. I gave one night cream a good month test and my acne got worse and couldn't understand. I stopped using it and went just use cream without SPF and my skin went back to normal. Thought this was perfect because it didn't have SPF and it was light enough that it was going to effect my skin. With 2 weeks so far on using this I'm really happy, think I found my new love for face moisturizer. But if I was joining this into my face routine, I would look into a bigger bottle even though it is a pricey the next size up is $32CAN. 


- Absorbs great leaves a little oily feeling after,but it quickly disappears.
- Little goes a long  way I do 2 pea size that seems to do my whole face with a little to do my neck area.
- For all skin types with no SPF ( Which I liked for night time use).
- Comes in 3 different size bottles.
-Also comes in SPF 30 if that is what you are looking for.
- 24hr moisture with not having that too much on your skin feeling.
- Makes my skin very silky feeling very smooth to the touch.
- Got a tacky feeling right after applying it, what made a great base for makeup I found it blended my BB cream very nicely.


-  75ml it cost me $24 with tax CAN
- The bottle is a little hard to use the right amount, wish it had a pump system.

What is your favourite face moisturizer.. or have you tried this one ?

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