Friday, 15 April 2016

Benefits Watts Up !! my favourite highlighter


With all the selection out their in highlighters I fell in love with this one. There are a lot out there and it can be over whelming, specially if you are just getting into the highlighting game.  First I got this mini from a birthday gift from Sephora back in the day, I was excited because when I got it there wasn't too many highlighting products on the market. When I first got it I wasn't really into the full face makeup  look at all, I was more just a mascara and lipgloss. Now that time has past and found the love with BB cream and bronzer, I thought I have it in my collection why the hell not and now I'm hooked.  

So what are some of your favourite highlighting products, please share below
Mini and a new full tube, because I love it that much. Also I thought
I was running out of my mini version, so I bought a big one. HA turns out you get a lot
in that mini bullet. 


- Champagne highlight shade would be amazing on any skin tone.
- Settle with one swipe or layer and build up for more dramatic highlight look.
- I use my finger I find that it warms up the product easier for blending.
- It's a decent amount for how much you get $39 CAN from Sephora
- In the mini you get 0.08oz and in the full size you get .33oz ( You get a lot of product) I bought a back up to my mini thinking I was almost done... I was WRONG!
- It's a cream but I've never set it with a powder highlighter at all or feel the need too
- Staying power of this cream highlight is amazing it doesn't melt or crease
- Doesn't break me out
- Doesn't settle in pores on my cheek bones, where I have some large ones
- The big size on the other end has a blending sponge thing on the bottom to help blending. It works just as well as my finger, just don't think it's very "clean" you can't clean it.
- I also use a little bit for my brow bone to highlight as well, because it is so settle when you use a little of it.


Nothing I love this product so much, that I have nothing bad to say about it 
On the left is 2 swipes back and forth of the product. Than I just blended it out with my finger on the right

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