Friday, 29 April 2016

April thumbs up and downs ! (empties)


WOW! we are done with the month of April, was it me or did it go by fast ! You know what that means it's time for empties but I'm doing things different this time. I'm going to give thumbs up on products that I will repurchase and think that are worth it. Thumbs down for those that I didn't like at all or didn't think they are ruth the craze. 

Thumbs Up !!!

Garnier Clean + Charcoal Scrub - Other my Neutrogena scrubs these are my favourite, to use on my skin. It's got enough scrub action that it feels like your doing something, but yet genital enough that it doesn't bother my sensitive skin. With the charcoal in it really makes your skin feel really deeply cleaned, but not to over drying. 

Summers Eve - This is a product that I know lot of people don't like talking about. But I don't care sometimes things need to be talked about and push the boundaries.  This product is a vaginal wash ( body wash for your vagina ) Not only does it keep down there clean but it's got PH in it for healthy balance. Feeling clean down there in that area, is a good way to keep everything healthy. I like to use this personally when I'm on my period. 

Nivea lotion for in-shower - If your in a rush and don't have time to put on lotion, after you get out of the shower than you will love this! It's done in the shower, it's so easy to do right after you use your body wash. I've noticed a difference in my skin using this, does't leave a residue on my skin that I notice. I use it in combination every other day with normal lotion. 

Matrix Biolage Neutralizing shampoo - This is a big one we are a family of 3 and we all love this shampoo. It is a very light formula that makes your hair feel amazing, its a gel based shampoo that's not creamy find those are too heavy on all our fine hair. I love the smell of this it's a nice lemon grass scent that just smells so refreshing. 

Life Brand Peel Face Mask -  These are my favourite at my local Shoppers Drug they are cheap either 1 for $1.75 or 3 for $5 CAN. Even with them being a good price these are amazing, they work really well. I like the peel off masks, I find that they are less messy than the ones you wipe off. Find also these peel off masks, also help taking black heads out of your skin. 

Body Shop's Vitamin E face cream - This is my holy grail for the winter months, it is very hydrating with out being oily. This is great as a base before applying foundation/BB cream, it blends so my easier. 

Thumbs Down

Kiehls' Ultra Facial Oil-Free lotion - If you saw my last post, I ranted and rave about the other version of this. But trying this sample of this oil-free version didn't like it at all. Well I love the texture of it, but there was something in this one that my skin didn't like. 

Origins  CC cream  SPF 20 ( Sample)-  NOPE NOT EVEN !! I love Origin's cleansers and moisturizer lines, but I went to Sephora and they gave me a sample of the CC cream. I'm glad I just got a sample, didn't even finish the sample it was so horrible. It didnt look right on my skin, also it oxidized way to much there wasn't turning back! 

Clinique Age Defence BB cream SPF 30 (Sample)-  Just down right horrible, also not judging my first clinique experience on this product alone. I love the texture of this but it sat on my skin didn't blend at all. I tried brushes, damp sponge, fingers and such and it just didnt blend. It just felt it sat on my skin you could see, all my baby hair and pores. 

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