Monday, 28 March 2016

Top 5 products I've been loving


I'm just gonna get it out of the way, your probably thinking I have 6 products here! Yes there is I'm counting the samples as one because they are both BB creams and not big enough to count as 2. These are top 5 products that I've been loving, got a great range from hair to hand/body hope you guys enjoy. These products have been  lately rotating in and out of my everyday/weekend night routines, really have used these products day in and out for you guys. 

Samples - I've been trying some new BB creams out,  BB creams  are my sort of thing because I find I don't need a foundation. I have some redness in my cheek/contour area and the random pimple that pop's up during that time of the month. I was never the one either to wear heavy foundation because I never needed to use it. But  having an even skin tone that's what I find BB cream does for me. Recently went to  Sephora and got some new samples to try the ones I picked up were  Origins' and the Clinique  BB cream. There are some water foundation I'd like to try, but not to sure where to start or what brands I want to start with.

Annabelle Bronzers - They are a Canadian company that has some great products out there ! The hole bronzing world is new to me, just started to use bronzer this past summer so finding the right products I'm still open about. One thing I love about these is the coverage is build-able, so can get the intensity that you want. The Biggy Bronzer comes in matte which I would love to try out, these have shimmer to them but I haven't noticed it on my skin when I apply them. I also use the Biggy Bronzer for eyeshadow as well for a simple look.

Marcelle Fortifying/lengthening mascara with Growth Complex -  Never used Marcelle products before but, I'm so glad I did. This mascara is amazing, it coast my lashes with out feeling to heavy. I've never needed volume mascara because how my lashes are, but I do like a fullness to my lashes and this give me this. The wand and brush separate your lashes with out giving you that spider leg effect. I've worn this for a long period of time, but I never had flaking or smudging. All around great mascara I would love try there others in their line as well.

Garnier Whole Blend Shampoo in Green Apple and Green Tea -  Hands down this is the best drug store shampoo, I've tried in a very long time. If you like Granny Smith Apples scent you will love this. It's not fake apple scent it's like  I cut tones of apples up.  You cant really smell the green tea part in the shampoo but I'm not worried about that scent. It truly makes my hair feel amazing and healthy, but with out lacking shine and softness. For something new on the market with their shampoos/conditioners and styling products, Garnier has hit it out of the park again. Its' one drugstore product line that I love using, they are one that I always go too.

Bliss hand cream in Snowberry  -  This was my first time using this product company, got 2 of these small travel sized hand creams from one of the kids at christmas time.  I love them they are a very rich hand cream, they work very well with out being too greasy and soaks in very well. Lately I've been using it on my legs after shaving and right after my shower, it gives my leg some extra moisture that other lotions wouldn't. This has been my hand saver in the winter time really helps also around your nails specially if you have cracked cuticles.

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