Monday, 21 March 2016

My weekend look!


If you follow me on social media, you know I posted this look and got some great feed back. So I decided to break the look down for you guys, so you can recreate it for your own-selves. I try to keep it simple with all of my looks, and I'm not one that re-applies my makeup through out the night. So I hope you enjoy my go-to look these days !! 

Products I used in order to application  : Before I start my makeup I put on lip balm, so when I get my makeup/hair my lips are prepped for lipstick or gloss.  I also put in heat protector in my hair before I straighten/or curl it. 

Base/foundation -  Lately I've been trying different bases but decided to try the new Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream water and so far I love it !!! It also switches between Tarte BB cream and Boscia's. I also use a primer as well depending on how my skin is that day, right now using Laura Mercier. 

Brows - I just recently started filling in and doing my brows, still trying to figure out what products work well for me. I use a Brow Definer pencil from Aloette and L'oreal Brow Plumper or Essence clear brow gel. 

Eyes -  Urban Decay's Potion Primer to start, I have an hooded eye shape so primer is key. I'm trying new ways to apply my shadows because I do have hooded eyes. Mostly all of my shadows are in the  brown and taupe family. Find that earth tones work best and that they look better with my skin tone/eye color. Using a soft brown for a transition or just my bronzer having the 2 different shades, look very settle and not to harsh. But now having NYX in our stores, I picked up their Prismatic shadows in Bedroom eyes. But I found that while using this shadow first with a normal shader brush. I got tones a fall out, but I used a stiff flat shadow brush to pack the color on. That seemed to be more useful than your typical shadow brush. Found packing this on like a pigment worked better and less fall out. 

Concealer -  I do this step after my eye shadow looks because I find that it, that it cleans up  the under eye area from fall out or other imperfections. I can cover them with concealer. I have 3 in my collection that I rotate through, Rimmel's 2&1,Garnier's Anti-dark circle eye roller and Maybelline's FIT ME. So I bounce between the 3 depending on how much I need to cover that day. I found that FIT ME is a little more heavy duty compared to the other 2. One thing the dark circle roller really helps if I'm puffy underneath the eye area.

Contour/Bronzer - Annabelle Biggy Bronzer in Haute Gold.  Works so well also as a contour because it's got light shimmer to it. But on the skin really doesn't pick it up. But another good one is NYC and or Rimmel. If your gonna contour with bronzer make sure that it's matte, or shimmer that is barely there. The one that I want in my collection is Hoola from Benefit, think that shade is so pretty. 

Blush - I got a pallet from Aloette when I had a party a while ago. Rose Pedal is what I got and l love this shade on me, it's very settle and natural looking. But what I found for you that is similar or that I found for a good dupe is " Pinch Me" from MAC or for a drug store option would be L'Oreal's  "Berry Lift" 

Highlight -  Benefits Watts up which is my favourite highlighter, specially with having pale skin.  It just the right amount of glow with out being to crazy, also being a cream it blends so easy. I just do line where I want it, and blend in with my fingers found it works better to melt the product in. I also put this on the ball of my nose and cupid's bow. The one that I'm hoping to try is High-beam, 

Mascara-  I always have a few mascaras to choose from, but it all depends what one I feel like that day. The one I wore in these photo's are the Cover Girls' SuperSizer in Blackest Black. I sometimes also curl my lashes, I have pretty natural curl but sometimes I like to amp it up. 

Lips-  The fact that we added lip balm before doing my makeup, helps a lot on hydrating my lips. Found that if I didnt do this step my lip products didn't go on as nice or my lips were too dry to even put product on. In these picture I wanted to try the New NYX Suede lipsticks  in Cherry skies. I love the formula of this, creamy but drys very well and it lasted a while. We just got NYX in our local Shoppers Drug Marts, so I was kinda going nuts with what I should get and what is next on my list to try. Found that the staying power of these were quite outstanding, I ate some yogurt and berries before heading out. Than I went to the bar met up with some friends, and it stayed on all through that. I also had to take the rest off the next day in the morning when I washed my face. 

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