Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February Empties and would I repurchase them !?


Wow another month done it's crazy, to think that we are almost spring time and warmer weather !!! With where I live our winter has been so crazy we will have 12+ days and than next day in the negatives with snow storm on it's way.  So with another month passing it time for empties. Don't have to many for you this time, because I'm still trying to finish a lot of product that I have kicking around. Hope you guys enjoy my empties and products that I would repurchase again.  

Lush Charity Pot - I will be defiantly re-buying this again, this cream is so lovely and moisturizing. The smell of this is great it's not to over powering, also it's one scent that is good for all year around no switching between scents for changing of seasons. This small container has lasted me almost a whole year which is great on the bank. I tend mostly used this on my legs after shaving and from being in the shower, just gave my legs the moisture that they needed. One thing that is a major plus for the lotion is I have eczema and this lotion, doesn't make it worse or irritate it.

Lush ~ Rehab shampoo - Every time I go into Lush I have to buy a small bottle of this stuff. Love how this makes my hair, so fresh and keeps my hair well balanced. I find that it keeps my oily hair at bay, and I can't use it more than once because it's a shampoo that doesn't make it oily after using it. I love this one but I'm willing to check out other  shampoo's they have.

John Frieda Volume Shampoo - Nope never again this product from JF was a fail. With my oily hair it just made it worse, there was no volume at all just didn't make my hair feel clean at all. I've used other shampoo from their other lines and they are wonderful, think it was just this one line from them.

Frosted Cranberry Candle from B.B.W -  Hands down this scent is amazing, it's non over powering specially in a small room. It's a great fall/winter scent also got it in the wall plug version as well, to fill the bigger sized rooms we have in the house. Hopefully they bring back this scent for next year will be getting it for sure

Boscia BB Cream - This was sad :( I had a little amount of product left in the tube, so I went to use it one night. It was so separated that even shaking it didn't mix it back together, which was so sad because it's such a wonderful product.

EOS Lip balm - This is my favourite lip balm it has been the only one that helps my cracked/dry lips. Also it's the only one that doesn't make them worse found, some lip balms have made them worse over the years of trying different ones.

Samples - 

 Kiehles Ultra Facial Oil-free face cream - I got a sample pack to try the company out, never been in the store let a lone tried any of their products. From what I got from the little packet, it felt amazing it was very hydrating cream. ( Sorry there isn't a picture of this threw it out ) 

Boscia Green Tea Oil-control mask - OMG I will be checking into a bottle of this, this stuff made my skin feel amazing. The cooling feeling was neat, it made my skin looked amazing after peeling it off. I just finished the sample and I got 2 full masks and a nose/cheek mask out of it, so I had enough time to get a thought on this product.

Make Up for Ever Step 1 hydrating primer  -  Looking for a right primer for me out there, I love the radiants one from Laura Mercier, but sometimes I find that it doesn't do anything for my skin. Did I feel this one actually did hydrate me skin, kinda hard to tell under makeup and such but it did help prior with my dry spots. Found my BB cream didn't cling to those area's as much as it would my normal primer.  I also got the redness correcting on as well, I believe this will be my next primer rather it be the redness correcting one or the hydrating one.

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