Thursday, 4 February 2016

What I do on a Sunday and what I do to relax !!


Let face it no one likes Sunday's it reminds everyone that we have to go to work the next day. If you have kids you are making lunches or doing laundry and spending time with the family! But my Sunday's are a little more quite and relaxing. I suffer from anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder) so my New Year resolution to myself this  year, was learning how to relax and turn off my mind. One thing that is helping me to stop and relax, is putting on a face mask and making a cup of tea.

When I'm home on a  I tend todo a beauty/relax day! I also tend to do everything I need to get done before heading back to work on Monday! I also find that lately cleaning my makeup counter and cleaning my brushes is easier todo when I have more time on the weekend than trying to fit it in after work.  Going to share with you other things I do on a Sunday as well, I hope you enjoy !!! Let me know what you tend todo on your Sunday.

Going for walks - Weather permitting of course but I find when I go on a walk with my iPod, I don't think about anything. Not what I need to do for the week or what is bothering me, I just get into that song that is playing. Even if it's crappy weather outside I listen to music, just makes me stop and focus of the song not everything going on around me.

Face Masks - Above I mention I like todo face masks, make me sit for 10-15 min and take time for me !! Doesn't matter if you have drugstore or higher end masks, they are both great to have at home I tend to have samples of higher end ones laying around. Right now in Canada we have a drug store called Shoppers Drug Mart, their own brand of masks are amazing!

Foot Care - I do this on nights also where they are little sore as well over the weekend. But sometimes on a Sunday I get them ready for the long week ahead, by taking some extra care to them. I soak them in Epson salts for a 15-20 min in warm water, with my pumice stone I give them a little scrub. One year for christmas my mom got me fuzzy spa socks, I load my feet up with good lotion/butter and keep the socks on over night.

Tea time - I'm not a coffee girl at all, I love tea way to much though. When I was in high school I'd have about 6 before the end the school day. Than come home have dinner and than after dinner would have one. I'm not a fan of herbal tea, only when I'm sick I'll have lemon and honey tea. My favourites tea is Orange Pekoe and English breakfast, find they have the best flavour. I'm always cold so it keeps me warm, find tea very relaxing specially curled up watching a show.

Catching up on shows Youtube and TV and social media -  After I'm done what I had plan for the day, and if I have some time. I'll watch my shows that I have on the DVR, sometimes I let a couple episode get stored so I can watch 2-3 in a row. When watching shows I tend to reply and read emails, tweets,Facebook. Let you into a secret sometimes I DVR cheesy movies, just to watch them on Sundays ( hehehe ).   I think I say this with honour, I don't have Netflix so it's traditional tv shows for me. If something catches my eye or something and it's on Netflix I'll see if I can stream it by other ways or watching it when I go to friends houses. But as of now these are some of the shows I'm watching :    

Blue Bloods 
Teen Wolf
Chicago ( Fire, PD, and MD)
Shades of Blue 
-- more -- 

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