Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Project pan / Trying to use up what I got !


I'm trying to use all my makeup that I've got in my collection, before going out and buying more of it. I have products in my collection that I've only used a couple of times, or I have products that I over look to use something else that I have. I personally find it hard to hit pan with certain products, that I have because I switch up my looks so often I never stick to one look each day/night. So I'm giving myself the next 2-3 months to see how much products I can go through or hit at least pan on some.

Goal products that I want to hit serious pan on:

- Face care products ( Cleansers, foundations, BB creams, etc)
- Body care ( Butters/lotions, self tanner ( before it expires)
- Lip products ( lip balms, lipsticks/glosses and scrubs.
- Eye shadows

I personally think face products and eye shadows are going to the hardest. For the only reasons are that I switch my face care products all the time, that I never stick to one specific product. Eye shadows because I don't keep to the same look, I switch up my shadows all the time. Rather it be using single pan's or pallets, I think I have one pallet that has one section that I actually hit pan on. But again it was the first pallet I ever owned and it was one color I really liked when I was first starting off in makeup.

Let me know what are some of your products that you are trying to use up.

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