Friday, 19 February 2016

Overlooked pallet - Sleek I-Divin matte v2


This is a pallet I never reach for at all not sure why there are some great shades in the pallet. I just find myself reaching for other pallets that I have in my collection. I say all the time I should use it more, but I will find a look that doesn't need a matte shadow. When I do use this a lot is christmas time, there is a matte green and red/terracotta color. I do that for school the kids like the funky eye look specially near the holiday season !!

The matte brown ( Paper Bag)  is the one shadeI love in this pallet! In stead of white or the cream shade, they should have done another brown but maybe a shade or too lighter than Paper Bag. I also love Highness and Villan for a fun purple look, find these 2 shades together make a great look. 

But lately I've been finding myself reaching for this, specially for certain shades to complete a look. Never thought I would fall back in love with this pallet !! 

Do you have any pallets that you look past, or forget to use in you collection.  Do you have pallets that you have fallen back in love with, share below in the comments !!! 

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