Monday, 8 February 2016

Notice !!

Hey ladies,

I'm saying sorry to start as my family and I have made the decision to move. Our house has been up for week and bit now. We have done 2 open houses and with that the house has to be tidy and clean. So all my makeup and all that stuff is all packed away or randomly in my dresser. It's very had to do a blog when I've been just doing looks that I can do easy and simple. Using less products and digging things out has been my go-too for some time now. Right now our house is in the market, it's very hectic and crazy at my house right now. I'm gonna try to do some posts for you. If they are far between this is why, I thought I should let you guys know specially for the lack of posts. Please bare with this new change, it's been a difficult one it's my childhood home. I'll keep you guys posted on the house hunt and when we get a place I'll do a tour, and new bedroom/bathroom set up!

Thanks for understanding


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