Monday, 1 February 2016

New hair color update

Ladies !! 

This more an update post, recently got bored this past weekend so I decided to dye my hair. I had a couple of boxes laying around, I use to do box dye from the drug store but it was finding the color's of dye I liked were getting discontinued also it was way to much money specially when buying 2 boxes. So I decided to look into how to dye my hair at home buy mixing it like a hair stylist at home, one good thing is I have good relationship with the ladies at the Beauty supply store, that they gave me the right measurements. 

Before my local beauty supply outlet discontinued my hair color ( uh so frustrating)  I did use Yellow Hair Care, found it lasted a good while in my hair. For reference for how long I can go between dying jobs, my hair takes to dye very well, I first application is Canadian thanksgiving holiday ( October) I can go typically about 3/4 months before re-dying my hair. I have red under-tones in my hair so when this color fades, it just blends in with my natural hair color which is nice.The 2 shades that I use is 7.66 Intense Red and 6.5  Dark Mahogany I do equal parts of both but this time I did a little more red because it was the end of the tube. I use a 20% developer but you will have to check what type of percentage, you are so you are not damaging your hair than you need too. I use a squeeze bottle  with measurements on the sides to help how much I need of product. I don't have a specific way to apply it to my hair but I do start in sections, till it's evenly throughout my hair than I just add and smash it all with a bun on top of my head. 

What you need also to help you home dye your hair: 

- Disposable  non-powdered gloves ( home depot or lowes )
- Towel or old T-shirt that you don't mind getting hair dye on
- Timer to time how long to process I do about 36 min or I watch a half hour tv show.
- Bathroom cleaning supplies and or windex seems to be the best to lift hair dye off bathroom sinks or floors.

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