Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Garnier Whole Blend Shampoo - Green Apple and Green Tea


Decided to try out the new Garnier Whole Blends  line which has a range of  shampoo/ conditioners and styling products. These products all have great things in them not only are they paraben free, they are made with sustainable ingredients. They have a blend of Argan coconut oil and coca butter with the scent of apple and green tea. If you are looking for a 10/10 drug store shampoo, I'd check out this and the others in the line.


-Paraben free
- Smells amazing specially if you like green apple scent, but it's not a fake smell at all.
- Makes my hair feel amazing during and after washing
- Revitalizes and boost shine says the bottle, and it really does my hair was shiny and had a healthy look to it.
- Sustainable ingredients from local farmers and community partners.
- Green apple ~ vitamins and minerals keeps hair healthy and encourages strong hair growth
- Green Tea ~ Fights toxins to tone and stimulates microcirculation


I can't say anything bad about this product at all.

About the bottle itself is special as well ! 

- Bottle is made out of PET plastic with 30% post-consumer recycled waste
- Reducing the waste/water consumption per unit by approx 58% and 47% respectively by 2005

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