Thursday, 11 February 2016

Garnier skin active clearly brighter (SPF 15)


I think I'm not the only one that goes into Walmart thinking you, don't need anything and you always walk out with 1+ items. This was one of those days where didn't need to go check the beauty section, but I went to go check out what was new. I knew in the back of my mind I did need a new moisturizer, but wasn't sure what one I was gonna try or pick up. Till I found a small display of the new Garnier Cleary Brighter moisturizer with SPF 15.  My last moisturizer was the O'Lay Fresh Effects lotion with SPF 15. I find with drug store face moisturizers is that sometimes they make my sensitive skin worse. Near the end of  O'lay product think my skin was getting use to the product, just didn't seem to feel the same on my skin. Also one issue I have with drug store moisturizers in the winter time, they aren't hydrating enough for out Canadian winters.  

As far as trying this almost a full month now, OMG it's so lovely on my skin. I'm a fan of Gariner skin products they make some good ones out there. One thing I really like about this is one pump does my whole face, with enough to bring down a little onto my neck. The orange scent is great smell specially  in the mornings when you are still in sleepy mode. Within this month I've noticed my skin is smoother, and my radiant healthy  looking skin. The vitamin C helps with boosting your skins natural glow, which is good think this would be a great alternative to The Body Shops Vitamin C face cream. 

Antioxidant complex of vitamin C & E and gentle exfoliating Lipo-Hydroxyl acid (LHA). Makes skin more polished, toned and more radiant. 

What they saidRESULTS IN 1 WEEK**:" 

• Radiant, more even skin tone.

• Smoother, more refined, even skin texture, reduces the look of wrinkles.


• 89% were immediately satisfied.

• 91% said skin looked visibly healthier and at its best after 8 weeks.


CLEANSE: Choose the right cleanser for your skin type from our Clean + range to purify and prep skin to receive care.

MOISTURIZE: With Clearly Brighter™ SPF 15 Brightening and Smoothing Daily Moisturizer.
Formulation facts: Tested under dermatological control, Hypoallergenic, Gentle to skin


-Works very well under makeup 
- SPF 15 
- Pump bottle 
- Sells amazing 
-$15-22 CAN ( $22.99 on
- Gives my skin a great feeling and texture after 
- Soaks into your skin very well, with out any residue or film
- Hydrating with out being too much on your skin
- Oil free  


- Wish it was in a bigger bottle 75 mL
- Walmart had a small display on a end shelf, didn't see more on their face product shelf. (hopefully a staple product) 

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