Monday, 4 January 2016

Spin on dinner for one - My New Years Eve dinner


I'm giving you a twist on the old beauty blog, going to give you a simple dinner recipe. This was the meal that I did for my New Years Dinner, my parents were having something totally different from me. My parents were having a steak dinner with all the trimmings and a salad, I'm not a fan of red meat so that wasn't gonna work. So I needed a simple and quick dinner, for one which I find is sometimes hard to do or find recipes for. Not saying I'm no vegetarian by far, just watch how much red meat I eat do not like the taste of it. My parents were having shrimp with their steak so I wanted to do something with shrimp as well just to give me a protein to my dish. My mom had a zucchini to put in her salad, so why not add a little to my dish.

 I'm one of those to use my eye-ball to cook recipes don't like sticking to a strict recipe guideline. I looked on pintrest for some ideas and what suggestions they had for pasta type, I went with linguine but it could be done with spaghetti as well. So here is my easy recipe that everything is also very cheap and easy to get in your local grocery store.

What you will need in kitchen tools:
1 pot ( large enough to put long pasta and bring to a  boil )
1 small frying pan to cook the shrimp in and zucchini
Wooden spoon - pasta
Fork - flipping shrimp and to test if the zucchini if it's cooked
Garlic press

What you need in ingredients:  
5-6 uncooked frozen de-vaned large shrimp  if they are smaller I would do 8 or so
Seafood seasoning mix or old bay seasoning
Red pepper flakes ( I did a pinch )
3 gloves of garlic minced or used a garlic press
Linguini pasta (dry) enough for one person or two*
* My pasta keeper got a portion control so I know how much is good for how many people.
Good olive oil
Parmesan cheese ( the real stuff not out of a shaker can )

I took the shrimp out when my parents too theirs out, by the time it was dinner they were fully unthawed.

1) Fill your pot that you are using for the pasta, on medium/high heat bring to a boil. When brought to a boil add some salt I fill my palmful of salt to my water for pasta. Than place your pasta in boiling water stir and turn down the heat, give it a few before starting your shrimp. Around 6 min test pasta your are looking for l little crunchy that way everything will be done at the same time.

2) After shrimp of thawed pat dry with paper towel and than seasoned with seafood seasoning or old bay. Combine butter and little oil in a low-medium heated frying pan, the oil will help the butter from burning. Add minced garlic and red pepper flakes with a little more of the seafood seasoning, into the butter/oil mixture. Place shrimp in pan cook until pink on both sides ( don't over cook). I flip shrimp about 4 times and make sure you cover all in the butter mixture. !

Remember to stir your pasta at this stage ! 

3)  As one side of the shrimp are cooking, I added the half moon's of zucchini to the pan and cook with shrimp till the zucchini are cooked to your liking. I cut the moon's on a thick side so they wouldn't over cook while in with the shrimp. I like my veggies with a bite to them still, so I just used a fork to tell how done they were to my liking.

4) By this time your pasta should be al dente and ready to strain the water off.  Add  pasta to the pan with the buttery shrimp mixture. Than I took good quality parmesan cheese, added it with everything in the pan. Add is much cheese as you would like, also think next time I would also add a little pepper to taste to balance out the salt of the cheese. Than you are ready to plate I had along side with it a salad, and it was very filling and was very good. 

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