Sunday, 24 January 2016

Products that you use little of !!!


I'm sure when I say this I'm not the only one, you want beauty products that are more bang for your buck. We all love those products that we don't use that much of and  don't go through as much. Well these that I'm gonna share with you below will do just that! Low to medium/high end products that will last you some time before repurchasing. Hope you enjoy some of these well worth your money products !! 

Origin's Checks and Balance face cleanser - Literally half a pea size amount will do my whole face. Still can't get over such a small amount can leave my skin so clean, it's very heavy duty cleanser I like it more in the summer time than winter. It's one of those cleanser in the summer that you just feel so much bette after using it, feel like it gets all the sweat and grime off. Now that I have a Foreo Mini 2, I now do the same half pea size tap my fingers together and each finger I smear the product on my cheeks. That is more than enough to do my face rather it be morning or night, it is very creamy/foamy wash as well.

The Body Shops' ~ Vitamin E cream -  Just like the cleanser this you have to use little of as well, I use the back of my nail to grab a little and dot it all over my face. Than I rub it in till it's all absorbed, this face cream has really helped my skin specially in our Canadian winters it's very hydrating. Also I've noticed a difference in my texture of my skin is smoother and more even skin tone.

Cover Girls Professional ~ loose translucent powder-  Holy grail of powders from the drug store.  I just need this on my Tzone so right their don't need to much at all, if tend to be heavy handed it tends to look a little caky looking. I use an Elf professional studio complexion brush, because it's big and fluffy just tap it into the product and make sure you get most off.

Soap & Glory ~ Flake away - This you can use as much as you want or need but this container, this has lasted me about 1 and half already. I exfoliate more in the summer twice  every week, but in the winter I only scrub once a week. I find I don't need as much only when I'm self tanning or if I can start feeling like my skin needs it. I would love to try  another scrub by S&G for comparison, I'm looking at the breakfast scrub.

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