Monday, 18 January 2016

Mask game strong


Lately I've been into masks' never really got into them till now. I use to do the mask thing about  twice a month if I was lucky, but lately I've been doing them way often. I love how they make my skin feel, I'm still trying to figure out ones that I like or ones that I see a difference in my skin. Right now I've been loving the ones that I get at my local drug store. ( Shoppers Drug  if you live in Canada ) I've gotten some samples from Sephora of higher end ones but I want to do some more research or samples, to see what ones I would like to try in the higher end range of masks. I picked up a Sephora brand of sheet masks, but I'm not a fan of the sheet masks because the mask sheets are too big for my face.

All of these masks are Paragon free which I think is a huge deal:
Glamglow also free from  Sulphates 
                                                   - Phthalates 

What are some of the masks you have been loving leave comments below 
Glamglow, Ant-Aging ( Peel off ), Revitalizing ( Peel off ) ,Purifying 

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